Group formed band Peterpan came from a meeting Uki and Ariel who had a class at SMP 14 Bandung. At first they did not know each other. In fact they almost fist fights. Understandably Ariel as the new kid’ve made Uki Kesel. You see that Ariel brought to school like any guitar. Already so went along to draw as well as CIU.
From this, they began meengasah ability in music. Together with his gang Uki, Ariel finally become a good friend nge-hour plus partners. Peak, they are incorporated preformance band calling itself papermint. Unfortunately, the band is expected to say much even ran aground in the middle of the road. Both also agreed to their own ways.
The story continues as Andie’s favorite band, Beat Jr. (used to bring the songs of The Beatles) and Stupid Cupid (used to bring the music of homage to Britpop), was forced to disband. Andie who died the same time love the band to form a band again. Uki is good at playing the guitar since Ariel dirangkulnya know. Because of personnel shortages in junior sohibnya najak Uki, ariel. While dikenalin because his neighbor friend Andie, doi also invites Indra and Ari join. In 1997, the band was officially formed as the cap. Its members consist of Ariel (vocals / guitar), Andie (vocals / keyboard), Uki (guitar), Indra (bass), and arie (drums).
At first, the formation of solid feeder. Understand first of all personnel to practice diligently. Unfortunately, because there are personnel that are not serious, the band was forced to disband. All personnel make their own band. It is the basis of a mate, Andie also call on all personnel back.
Again bad luck. When the liver has comfortable, Arie pull for personal reasons. Reza and Loekman ever played together with the senses and her brother, She led.
Due to already replace new personnel, it was renamed the Peterpan. Very simple meaning of the name Peterpan, the band wanted to fly like a fairy tale Peterpan.
ARIEL the leader.

Full Name: Nazril Irham
Nickname: Ariel
Position in Band: Vocals
Place / Date of Birth: Base Brandan / 16 September 1981
Religion: Islam
Hoby: Music, Sports, Photo
Last Pendididkan: Parahiyangan University Student
Ideals: Architect
Zodiac: Virgo
Height / Weight: 167 Cm / 59 Kg
Favorite musicians: Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries),
Nirvana (Kurt Cobain), Kahlil Gibran
Favorite Movie: Matrix
Artists Film Favorites: Winona Ryder
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Food: What important good aja
Favorite drink: Root Bear
Favorite clothing: T-Shirt
Hanging Place: Room
Achievements: Gold Medal In Line Hockey National Championship
Mother’s Name: Dervish Darlina
Father’s name: Nazril Irphan
The children: 3 of 3 brothers
Instrument used: Shure SM 58 Microphone
Admired figures: Spiderman
Shoes number: 42
Peterpan is an Indonesian pop
rock band. The group started in 1997 when Andie Naliputra Wirahardja
(Nickname: Andie) formed a school band in London, called Hats,
Kautsar together with Mohammad Hikmat (nickname: CIU), WHO plays
guitar, Nazril Irham (Ariel nickname) as a vocalist, Abel (bassist) and
Ari (drummer). Mainly They played Brit Alternative until Ari withdrew
That from the group marked the end of cap.
Andie started to
Hats regroup former members on 2000. The drummer position was replaced
by Reza (Ilsyah Ryan Reza), a college student from Palu. Judge Loekman
(Nickname: Loekman), Indra’s elder brother’s friend, also joined them
as Their lead guitarist, the which added a sense of matureness and enriched
the melody in their songs to complete the band.
Andie then
suggested Peterpan as the name for the band, Peter referring to a
WHO dreamer wanted to fly, a Disney cartoon character name the which
According to Andie comes in front of other character names Such as
Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, X-Men etc. After the name was chosen, Peterpan
was formally founded on September 1st 2000
Ariel – vocals / guitars
Ukie – guitars
Loekman – guitars
Reza – drums
band originally began in 1997 when Andie Naliputra Wirahardja formed a
Hat band with guitarist called Uki (Kautsar Mohammad Hikmat), his
junior at Bandung 2 High School. Uki then asked Ariel (Nazril Irham) to
join as vocalist and Andie asked his friend Abel to play bass and Ari
to play drums.
An Unofficial Fansite “
Peterpan is
a poprock band from Bandung, Indonesia is now
4 members live. The band was formed in 1997 and famous
thanks to the songs “What She”, “Mask”, and “I say with
Beautiful “. At first the group consisting of Ariel Peterpan, Uki,
Loekman, Reza, Andie, and Indra. But in the month of November 2006, two
members, Andie and Indra was fired from the band.
The split was triggered by the difference in the principle of creativity.
1997, Andhika (keyboards) formed the band hat by getting younger
class in high school 2 Bandung, Uki (guitar), as well as playmates, Abel (bass)
and Ari (drum). Uki also invites his friend junior Ariel filling
vocal position. With the formation like that, they started gigging and
Brits playing music wing alternative. Ari then quit
Hats and dispersed themselves without a definite cause.
reassemble the personnel cap in 2000. But this time,
drum position held by Reza. To give color to the music that is more
mature and richer melody, then invite two Loekman, a friend’s brother
Indra, who eventually became lead guitar (lead guitar). Having formed
with the formation of six people, they also took the name Peterpan. Date
1 September 2000 peterpan officially formed.
peterpan professionals began in 2001 with expanded from the café to
café in Bandung. They played at the café with O’Hara and Broom Sticks
brought the songs top 40, as well as alternative rock such as Nirvana,
Pearl Jam, Cold Play, U2, Creed, etc.. When the café was the Broom Sticks
their potential seen by Kang Noey (base Java Jive), which is
looking for bands to fill out a compilation album. Of the three songs that are sent
for the demo, “Friends”, “Perfect”, and “The Park”,
selected the song “Perfect” to be included into the compilation album
Story of 2002 Nights, released in July 2002. Not unexpectedly the song
be the hero of this album, and boost sales to over
150,000 copies.

Here are 10 facts and the total award ever achieved peterpan which made them worthy of being called the most phenomenal band in Indonesia:

A. The first band group in Indonesia (and yet unmatched) who managed to break the sales of 3 million copies in the album Stairway To Heaven when at that time was a time of crisis and cassette piracy merajalela.Album sold 1 million copies in one week is also in demand in pertama.Album overseas, in Malaysia this album also won the award “Platinum Berkembar Six”.

2.Group first band in Indonesia who launched his album (Alexandria) to the extent that the live TV broadcast station 6 is SCTV, IVM, Metro TV, ANTV, Lativi, and TVRI participate directly broadcast the event. Ga 4 out of 4 cafes in the city in Indonesia also held a watch together launching the album Alexandria. Cafes are Pisa Jakarta cafe, Cafe Tio’s Semarang, Yogyakarta and Hugos Hugos Cafe Surabaya. Dago-road was closed for this event.
Of this unique event, peterpan fans can buy tickets from the previous week to get a cassette or cd limited edition that is a plus signature Pin Peterpan Ost Alexandria. Coupon is redeemable after the morning or after hours of waiting 12 malam.Begitu jg with albuml “Clear Days ..”

3. The only Group D Band made a record MURI 24-hour marathon concert in six provinsi.Mulai a concert in Medan, North Sumatra at about 7:55 until 8:40 pm. From there, Ariel Cs and continued in Padang, West Sumatra at about 10:45 to 11:30 pm. At 12:55 hours until 13:40 pm, Peterpan concert in Pekanbaru, Riau, Lampung continues at 16:25 until 17:10 pm. Ariel then opened the concert in Semarang, Central Java, at around 19:45 and ended at 20:30 pm. Peterpan concert in Surabaya was closed about 22:15 am until 23:00 pm.

Dr 7 4.Peterpan won 13 nominations in AMI 2005.woww,, there has never been in the history of the event which award (over) half the nomination won by an artist / band.

5 .. The song “Can not” become Indonesia’s first song and the only one who traced exactly by country india and there even be a top Indian film soundtrack “Woh Lamhe”. Oh yes the info again, the song is copied Peterpan India is not just one. There is another song which was traced abis by best-selling film composer named Pritam in India, namely Nothing I Can (Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai), behind (Aao Milo Chale) and the Newest, My dream songs Far jg traced by the same person, yaiyu Pritam . where the plagiarisms which song entitled “Bheegi the Bhaagii the” it into the top 10 top hits ladder lagu.Sepertinya Pritam is obsessed with becoming a Nazril Irham in sana.Bisa seen here ( / watch? v = yHSjtB1BV3c & feature = related). And I just had know there is a triad of music stylist film which was honored for ide2 fresh and original in Bollywood there, their names Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy (abbreviated SEL), it turns out they also inspired the song Shakira “Mask” on the soundtrack titled “Socha Hai” for which they ciptain Indian film titled “Rock on” (India’s first film about the career of a rock band). Find lagu2 wrote it on youtube, you will be able to hear a similar concept and personal nadanya.Catatan me, of all the songs which was rumored to plagiarize other people’s work which I have heard, the song “Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai” which is a ‘copy’ dr song Nothing I Can peterpan his reply bnr2 full.Cuma like a bit of ‘creation’ that produced the plagiarist, namely the “Kuberjalan walked around the time .. and so on (after Chorus)” exchanged its position with the reply “Dara you into my life .. etc”. Hmm,, bnr2 plagiarism ‘true’. In conclusion, Peter is a very inspirational band who certainly inspire many other org, especially those who musisi.Selain lagu2 many diplagiat, video clips who (maybe) a little imitated, among other satubukti charisma of this band is their song titled “What She” inspired Didi sunken to meresycle’nya and Idioms ditranslate to Java, also Heaty Koes Endang old singer who sang this version and do not miss keroncongnya dangdut singers who mendendangkannya mereka.Selain it to stream music, jg vocalist inspired many newcomers vokalis2 baru.Salah a real example is the vocalist D’Wayne. Yes, there are many who see that the action stage vocalist ug melayu wing it like the same person who recognized the” ariel.Seperti folower “himself if he ariel is so idolized figure and are glad that his style is considered similar to the impression that even though many dimirip-miripin.

6. There is one more that may have occurred in the album gk band2 earlier, the stars in heaven album released in a house full of music throughout the song, usually in the form of house music compilation lagu2 choice .. but this is in a complete album with songs such as the composition of the original album. produced by MUSICA pula.Membuktikan that whole song is HITS.Album dibintang heaven is also a total of 13 awards won dr various events, which may be the highest achievement ever achieved by an album in Indonesia.

7. Peterpan is band known bener2 karyanya.Larisnya each of their albums is a testament nyata.Band band is also not a sensation-seeking in order to maintain popularitasnya.Satu again, cs ariel is not only known for the name alone is unique, cool, and simple.Buktinya , no name “Shakira” they were able to achieve the award “Most Inspiring Award” from the award-winning MTV.Mereka they will be listed as no name “Shakira” but “Ariel, Uki, Loekman, reza, david”. They are also one of the few musicians consistent in the work and always be himself without any outside influences, such as the taste of the market just for the sake of today is country music.

8. In addition, the song “What She” has also been made in the arrangement Keroncong which was sung by Hetty Koes Endang Sari Mix and arranger who popularized by Didi sunken.

9.Lagu “I told The Beautiful” in the list of 150 best songs of Rolling version Stones.Dari ke150 TSB song, The song “I told The Beautiful”.
Learn more:

10. The only band that dimuseumkan personnel in a replica of the monument museum (Museum
National). Thanks jasa2nya, they appreciated a hero in this country. “They are the real HERO”

And a series of awards achieved by peterpan:

Year 2002

* Rookie of the Year 2002 O Magazine

Year 2003
* Multi-Platinum Album Award The Park

Year 2004
* AMI Award
* Newcomer Group Ter-Ngetop SCTV Music Awards
* Record MURI – Concert 6 City 24 Hour Marathon – July 18, 2004
* Triple Platinum Album Award-Star in Heaven
* Platinum Berkembar Six from Malaysia
* Album stars in heaven is the all time Best Seller
Of 2005

* Best Favorite – Artis Indonesia MTV Asia Award – February 2005
* Album Pop Group Ngetop SCTV Music Awards – May 2005
* Most Ngetop song, SCTV Music Awards – May 2005
* Most Ngetop Band on SCTV Award – August 2005
* Best Album Sales Throughout the Year, MTV Music Awards – September 2005
* Graphic design best album Star in Heaven AMI Awards 2005 – November 2005

Of 2006

* Best Favorite – Artis Indonesia MTV Asia Awards – April 2006
* Album Pop Group Ngetop SCTV Music Awards – May 2006

In 2007
* Best Contribution Award-Asia Song Festival, September 2007

In 2008
* Band-I most sensational Gossip

In 2009
* Kids choice award
* Most Inspiring Artist-MTV Award 2009
* Video Clips terdahsyat “Even Out the Light”, Fierce Award – April 2009
* Band terdahsyat, Fierce Award – April 2009
* Best Song Rolling Stone magazine with the song “I told The Beautiful”

With all these achievements seemed tersebu phrase “Peterpan is the most phenomenal band in Indonesia” is not a mere empty omomg and they deserve to be called “One of A Band Phenomenon”.


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